Account roles

With the Juridoc platform, you can invite a colleague to join your team.

By doing so, you can share your space, your models, and simply improve your team’s efficiency as well as your collaboration.

What are the different roles in the Juridoc platform?

In the Settings > Team, you can have a view of your team member and each will have a specific role within the platform, you ca change the roles at any time. Here is the list of the different roles:

  1. Administrator
  2. Creator manager
  3. Collaborator manager
  4. Creator
  5. Collaborator

1- The administrator

The administrator is the one with the complete authority of the account. 

This administrator is the only one who:

  • is allowed to access to the credit card details.
  • is able to invite other user and give them the “administrator” or “creator manager” role
  • is permitted changes in the settings

2- Creator Vs Collaborator

There are two categories with Juridoc roles:

  • Creators: Can access all the resources (according to the plan purchased)
    As its name suggests, the creator can produce content such as a new templates, new clauses to put into the content library.
  • Collaborators: They can generate documents from templates already made by the creator. They can also upload and automate a document as they wish.
    But they will not be able to create their own templates and the access to the library will be denied.

3- What managers can do then?

Whether you are a CREATOR or a COLLABORATOR, the “title” of manager will allow you one more functionality:

to invite team members and create workspaces (if the plan permits)

Note: the role chosen has a direct outcome on the price of the plan

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