Do I have to install anything to use Juridoc?

As Juridoc is a ‘Software as a Service’, the short answer to this question is “no”, but we are going to explain why and how does a SaaS works.

How does SaaS work?

Traditionally most software was (and often still is) provided in the form of installation files, and a user or administrator would load it onto their own hardware. More recently organizations have moved from actually owning hardware to utilizing virtual machines in some data center somewhere – this relieves them from some responsibilities, but they still take responsibility for the machine, and they are still responsible for installing and maintaining the software.

Software as a Service is provided on a hosted platform (Amazon Web Server for Juridoc) – the administrator now has no connection whatever to the hardware, and doesn’t even have to worry about software updates. It is the provider, rather than the organization using the software, that takes care of such things.

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