You already have a Juridoc Account

If you are already a Juridoc user, you will receive an invitation to negotiate on the platform via email, but also through notifications. You just have to click on the link to enter in the document.

You don't have a Juridoc Account yet? Not a problem

When someone invites you to trade on the Juridoc platform, you will be notified by email.

As a negotiator, you will not have to pay anything. Here’s how to access the trade:

  1. Click on the link received by email to be redirected into the Juridoc platform.
  2. Once on the platform, you need to create an Free account, it will take you 30 sec.
  3. Enter the “Documents” tab, click on the document you were invited to, and you can start to negotiate! You can also click on icon notifications and click on the invitation link.

Good negotiation!

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