Approve a document straight away

If you have nothing to say or change about a Document, you can approve it immediately by simply clicking on the “I Approve Document” button.

Reject a document

If you edit the document, it will be automatically rejected for now. To change the document:

  1. Delete the part of the text you want to modify and write the text you want instead
  2. A “Change Request” window will open directly resuming the changes you just made.
  3. To submit your modifications to other participants, click on the “Approval Request” button
  4. This will send a notifiation to them and open a pending task.

The issue will be fixed only when all the participants will accept this approval request. 

Accept, decline, or make counter proposal

When an approver asks you to accept a “Change Request”, you will receive a notification on your dashboard menu, and an email.

  • To accept a “Change Request”, click the on “Accept Request” button
  • To decline a “Change Request”, click the on “Decline” link.

When you decline a “Change Request”, we recommend adding a comment to explain your choice.

Timeline of your document

At anytime, you can open the document, go to the Timeline to review the approval / rejection process.

You will be able to see what changed, when each modifications were done and who approved or rejected it.

Versions of a document

At anytime, you can open the document and check the different versions of it. To view the progress of your approval workflow or maybe research a specific version of an all contract that you will need to renegotiate.

Send a document

Once the document is approved, you will see a button to submit the document. In the document upload popup, you will see the recipients already selected, if you do have any. You can add or remove people as you wish. Be sure to click the on the Submit button to register the document.

Alerts & Notifications

List view showing Approvers and Recipients

At anytime, you can go to “Documents” on the left to see the list of document approvers and recipients.

Dashboard Notifications

In your dashboard you can see the:

  • Agreement in process: number of documents in progress
  • Total Value of agreement in progress: balance between expenses and revenues
  • Agreement near completion: number of documents close to completion
  • Average time on negotiation: the average time you spend on dealing contracts
  • List of actions required from you or your team members
  • Contracts about to expire

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