Invite new members to your account

Adding members is an excellent way to share and create documents together.

Send an invitation to invite a team member

  1. Go to Settings > Teams > Invite new users tab.
  2. Select > New invitation
  3. Enter the name and e-mail of your new to team member
  4. Choose the role “Creator” or “Collaborator”
  5. Click on the green button to invite

Adding members will change automatically the number of seats to your account.

Receiving confirmation

Once your invitation is accepted, you will receive an email notification.

Note: If you have sent out an invitation but it has not been accepted, you can also ways send out a reminder. Find the added member, on the far right, using the “…” and click on Resend invitation.

Replacing users

At any time you can remove old users and then add new users. To replace one user with the new one, you only need to delete this user and invite another for the vacant seat.

If you would like more information about “account” roles, please click on this link.

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