How do I copy or duplicate a document?

You can copy any type a document that have been uploaded in the platform and also all documents created from templates.

When you copy an existing document, it does not matter if it is a draft, sent, for approval, viewed or completed. The new duplicated version will be in a draft status by default.

The new document will have a new name automatically generated, for example, if you have a document named “NDA”, When you copy it, it will be named “NDA Copy”.

Some parts of the documents can NOT be duplicated, such as:

  • “Statuses”
  • “signature fields” data (example Signature data, initials data, date data, etc..)
  • Data Analytics.

Copy or Clone a Document

You have two ways to duplicate a Document

1. Find the document to copy.

1.1 Go to Documents on the left. Click the checkbox next to the document name. Click on “Duplicate” on the top row.

1.2. Click on the context menu on the right of the document. Click on “Duplicate” link

2. New copy. You will see the new copy show up in the document lists.

3. Once it has been duplicated, open the document, rename it and you are good to go.

Move a Document to a specific folder

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