How many folders and subfolders can I use?

We do not have a limitation on the number of folders you can have for your Documents, Templates, Content Library and Catalog items. You can have sub-folders in folders if you need this to help you find your documents.

Create a folder

Click on documents on the left. Here you will see options for folders. Click on “Add new Folder”.

Deleting folders

If you ever need to delete a folder, go on hover with your mouse, you will see a trash to delete it. Click on it to remove it.

Moving documents to created folders

To move a Document to a folder, you have 2 ways to do it:

  1. Check the document(s) and then click on “Move to folder”. Select your folder and click “Move”.
  2. Find the document you want to move, click on the right on the context menu and select the link “Move”. Select your folder and click “Move”.

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