How to negotiate a contract?

Negotiation is one of the greatest strength of the Juridoc platform. No more infinite conversations by email, different versions of the same document! Everything is online on the platform.

This will allow you to:

  • Know in real time where you are in your negotiations
  • Always have the latest updated version of your contract on the screen
  • Close deals and sign your contracts faster
  • Be able to return to your contracts when you want to analyse your negotiations and / or to see the different versions.

Your negotiations will be much sharper and with full compliance.

How to configure the negotiation workflow of a document?

The negotiation workflow can be set at two moments:

  • At the time of creating a new document: the trading flow will only apply for this document
  • When creating a template, the flow of negotiation will apply to all documents created from this template.

In both cases, the trading flow is configured as follows:

Create Negotiation
  1. Activate the “Negotiation Workflow” by clicking on the switch button and select the people who will enter the trading. You can include people from your team or contacts from your CRM. If the person you want to negotiate is not on your team or in your CRM, go to “Contacts” and add a new contact.
  2. You have the option to add sub levels in the trading flow.
    Ex: Level 1: I negotiate with the Sales Manager/ Level 2: Once the negotiation is over with the sales manager, I negotiate with the Director

Warning: Do not forget to include yourself in the negotiation

Once everything is configured, click on the “Start” button.

How to enter into the negotiation phase?

When your document is finished and you are at the last step, two choices are available to you:

    • Send it: You can directly send the document to the recipients to negotiate with them. However, if you have also set up an approval workflow, you will first go into this process before going into trading.
    • Sign it: you can send this document to the different recipients to negotiate and sign the document at the end of the negotiation. Same, if an approval flow has been set up.
Send for Negotiation

How to negotiate?

Each invited recipient receives a link to enter the negotiation. You, the sender, will receive a notification when each person opens the document.

Create an issue with Juridoc

To negotiate it’s very simple:

  1. At the moment you edit text in the document, it changes color automatically and automatically “opens” a change request in draft mode.
  2. Make any modifications that you deem necessary
  3. Once completed, you will need to click on the submit on the bottom right to send them for approval to other people involved in the negotiation.

How to approve or reject an issue?

Accept or Reject an Issue with Juridoc

If you want to accept a change request sent by another person, you must:

  1. Select on the right the modification you wish to approve
  2. Click on “accept” or “refuse”

If you accept an issue, it will be considered resolved if you refuse the other parts of the contract will be able to accept this refusal or make a counter offer.

How to make a counter proposal?

If you wish to make a counter proposal on a modification request made in your document you must:

Counter Proposal in Negotiation
  1. Select the issue on the right
  2. Click on the button “Counter”
  3. Click on the button “Submit approval”

What happens when all the issues have been accepted?

Once all the changes have been accepted, it means that you and the recipients have reached an agreement. You can now sign the document!

Agreed Negotiation

What happens if you can not find an agreement?

If you are unable to agree on any changes made in the document, you will not be able to sign the document or create a pdf version of it. To approve a document and proceed to the next step, all changes must be accepted and therefore be green.

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