The automatic expiration is a great option for setting up a deadline for signing your documents for example. This feature, also, can be very useful for business proposals which must meet a specific deadline.

NB: You can use the automatic expiration and reminders only if the signature is enabled.

Available in plans: Essential and Professional

When can I configure the deadlines?

You can configure the deadlines at different levels:

  • Template: All the documents created with templates will have the same configurations
  • Document: The configurations will be applied only for this specific document

How to configure the deadlines?

Auto Expiration and Reminders Juridoc
  1. Create a new document or template by clicking in the button at the top right of your screen
  2. Activate the automatic expiration button
  3. Set the expiration date of your document, in days. (For instance: 30 days after sending the recipient will be notified)
  4. Choose if your signers will be notified one day before the expiry date

Set up and adjust automatic reminders

Automatic reminders allow you to send reminders to your recipient(s) so that the recipient(s) will receive an alert to sign the document.

Same as automatic expiration, automatic reminders can be enabled at once when creating a new document and when creating a new template. By activating automatic reminders, the template will be configured for all documents created from this template. By activating reminders when creating a new document, these will only apply to this document.

The process for setting up automatic reminders is exactly the same as creating a new document and a new template.

Available in plans: Essential and Professional

How to activate automatic reminders?

Enable and configure the auto reminders

  1. Activate the auto reminders
  2. Choose when to send the first reminder to your recipient. (ex: in 5 days)
  3. Set the frequency of reminders for your recipient (ex: every week / every 3 days etc.)

That’s it! With these functionalities you won’t lose any document expiration date anymore!

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