Juridoc for Contracts

Stop wasting valuable time, putting together contracts, and be more effective and faster with Juridoc. By saving the time it takes to put together, send out, negotiate and get contracts signed. You’ll increase productivity by decreasing your amount of tasks. This will also reduce errors that can cost you a lot of money.

Get Internal Approvals Faster

Juridoc allows you to set up an automated workflow to get internal approvals right away. Set up workflows for your templates if you need a manager or admin to check or sign off documents before they’re sent out. The “approver” will receive an email when they have a document to review. Once approved, you or your manager will be able to send it to the next recipient immediately.

Become a better negotiator

Negotiate your contracts online. You will receive an alert for each modification made in the document where you will have the choice to accept or decline the approval request or do counter proposal. You can also, thanks to our external and internal chat, talk to your team or to your clients to accelerate deals. The more you use your templates, the more our AI will learn from you and your clients.

Better Management and Control

Create better control over how your team is sending contracts. If you have a large team or manage multiple departments, you can create multiple workspaces for each. You can also conceal specific legal clauses, so only certain users will be able to use and edit it.

Gain Insight Into Your Sent Contracts

The key to getting your contracts signed quicker is to understand what’s happening with them after being sent. Juridoc analytics able you to track the status of your sent contracts and gives you insight into how your recipients are using them. You’ll also get instant notifications when recipients open and view your contracts.

Get Signatures Quicker with eSignatures

Shorten your sales cycle with this feature. It is a convenient, secure, and perfectly legal electronic signatures. Don’t play the waiting game, let your recipients sign immediately from wherever they are.

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