Juridoc for Legal Documents

Expedite the contract process

Juridoc makes creating, editing, reviewing, approving and negotiating contracts faster and easier with custom contract templates, terms/clauses library , and built-in chat to streamline negotiation.

Improve compliance

With Juridoc, compliance is a breeze for sales, marketing, and administrative team members. The customisation of template and content libraries will help your reach the maximum level of compliance. Then you will be able to share documents for use in commercial proposals, presentations, and contracts in total peace of mind.

Centralize documentation

Save up to 80% time when creating documents thanks to a custom template library, a content library for storing individual clauses and terms, and an intuitive field matching document editor.

Legally binding eSignatures

Bring your organisation into the 21st century without sacrificing legality with Juridoc eSignatures. Our eSignatures allow your company and external recipients to eSign documents from any computer or mobile device. Each signature is paired with an automatically generated audit trail and a certificate that ensures the signer identity and signature authenticity.

Secure data and documents

We protect your confidential files and user data in the world most sophisticated and secure server: Amazon Web Server. AWS Key Management Service (KMS) is a managed service that makes it easy for you to create and control the encryption keys used to encrypt your data. Cloud security at AWS is the highest priority. An advantage of the AWS cloud is that it allows customers to scale and innovate, while maintaining a secure environment.

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