Juridoc fundamentals

Juridoc is not just another document editor. It’s designed specifically to accelerate your legal document workflow, whether that is a contract or a wide range of other business/legal documents. There are best practices and some fundamentals to learn, we’ll cover the basics in this guide.

What you will learn in this guide

  • The importance of creating Templates
  • The Juridoc’s editor functionalities
  • The use of the smart fields and how to put the name you want
  • The approval Workflow
  • How to negotiate on the platform

Why you should create Templates

Creating and sending documents becomes much easier when you’re not starting from scratch. Build reusable templates with Juridoc to increase your productivity and create consistency across all of your documents.

What’s so great about templates?

Efficiency – you don’t need to rebuild new drafts anymore, because there is always one ready to be used

Accuracy – templates will help you to eliminate human error

Consistency – keeps your branding consistent, no more different logos, different fonts, etc.

Automation – auto-populate data and automate your template’s workflow and settings so your team can focus on driving new business, instead of dotting I’s and crossing T’s.

Now learn ways to create templates on Juridoc and choose which is applicable to your business process.

Juridoc's editor

With Juridoc’s stunning editor, you can create fully Editable Templates (Documents) and Content Library items. No code needed, everything is about matching fields.

Smart Fields

Si let me repeat one more time, with Juridoc, you won’t need to put any line of code.

No need to fill out process several times and repeat the same information over and over! Thanks to our automation, just write it down once and the platform will do the rest.

Content Library Item

Content Library Items are elements that you can insert into a template to build out your content. Mostly use as a clause library ( ex: you can save specific clauses that you are using all the time to reuse it whenever you want.)

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