Share templates and Content Library items

Content Sharing allows you to share Templates and Content Library across your workspaces. You can share individual files and/or entire folders of Templates and Content Library files.


Shared content (templates and content library) is available as a read only by default (can be editable depending on your role in the company). While it can be used to send out new documents, it cannot be edited. It allows various functionality, such as:

  • Share individual content across workspaces
  • Review shared content
  • Share folders of content
  • Access shared content
  • Use shared templates and Content Library items

Note: if you are using Approval/Workflow process for your Templates, shared templates will keep the approval settings and documents created from them will inherit these settings. Thus the “approving-team member”, must be a member of the shared template’s workspace.

Share individual content across workspaces

You can share individual items (templates and content library items) in different ways:

  1. Find the item, then click in the context menu “…” on the far right and click Share
  2. Then, you will see two sections, “Available workspaces” and “Shared with”. You can see which workspaces you can share with and which workspaces the item has already been shared with.
  3. Under “Available Workspaces” select the workspace(s) you want to share the content with. Click “Save Changes” once you’ve finished.


Review shared content

You can review in which workspace this item is shared with and also remove the item from the workspaces.

Accessing shared content

In the Template and Content Library sections, you will see the folder called “Shared with me”. All the items you shared with this workspace will be located here.

Using shared templates and Content Library items

Shared template

  1. Access the “Shared with me” folder (see above)
  2. Click on the New Document > Shared Templates > Create a new document using a shared template.

Note: shared templates cannot be edited or modified. All changes must be made in the original workspace it was shared from and then the template must be shared again.

Shared Content Library

You can use shared Content Library items and add them to documents/templates the same way as you do it with regular Content Library items.

Note: same as the shared templates, content library cannot be edited or modified.

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