How to sign a contract?

After a successful negotiation comes the signing part.

Juridoc is integrated with SignRequest, here is a step-by-step on how signing your contracts works:

Note: the signatures are provided by a Juridoc partner, so it is the only feature in “Sandbox” during the trial.

By consequence, if you do need to sign a contract during this period, please contact us to purchase signatures credit separately.

1. Click on the green button in the received email

A new page will open and you will be able to review the document…

2. Read the document and decide your next action

  • Click ‘Options‘ to cancel, decline, download, forward to a different signer, view an optionally added attachment or to add attachments yourself. See point 5 to learn more about these options.
  • Sign the document, follow step 3.

3. Sign the document

To add a signature you normally have 4 options:

  • A previously used and saved signature.
  • Draw a signature with your mouse(pad) or finger on a touchscreen phone or tablet. Using your phone or tablet usually creates the nicest signature. You don’t need to download an app on your phone / tablet. You can simply use the mobile web browser.
  • Type a signature.
  • Upload a signature picture. This works best with a transparent image and allows you to add a ‘real’ signature which can be stored in your account.

Follow the steps below:

  • Click in the document.
  • Click on one of the icons to add text, a date, checkbox or signature.
  • Click on the added input to resize the input if needed.
  • Click on the added input to drag and drop the input to where it should be added.

You can add as many fields as you want, but at least one signature is mandatory to be able to finalize.

Note: for a valid electronic signature, it’s not necessary that the signature is exactly the same as you usually do on paper.

4. Finalize & confirm

After all necessary data has been added you can click on the green ‘Finalize’ button.

The very last step is to confirm that you want to sign the document. After this step the document has been signed and cannot be changed anymore.

Note: If you do use a different solution than SignRequest for your document, please let us know so we CAN tell you if we have the API available

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