Test Mode and Form Mode

When creating your model, you can see on the top right of your screen different modes “Editor”, “form” and “Test”. 

  1. Editor: this is where the magic operates to automate your models with our toolbar
  2. Form: where you will be able to organize all the questions in your documents in the order you want.
  3. Test: You can test at anytime the model you are making, to see if the automation you just did is working the way you want for example.

Form Mode

The form mode allows you to have a global vision of all the automations created in your model. Here you can change the order of the questions by dragging and dropping, creating sections or pages with titles and descriptions to better guide the user when creating a document from this template.

Test Mode

The test mode allows you to test the model in a semi-real situation. You can test your model to infinity because no data is saved there.

N.B save button and return later does not work in test mode. It only works in a real document creation situation.

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