The editor of Juridoc is one of the greatest strength and diferencial of the platform. It is, by far, the most complete and easy to use in the world to create templates that will save you a lot of time and money. You will be able to generate contracts and legal documents in just a few clicks.

How to use the editor to automate your models?

Log into your Juridoc account and click on the Templates button in the toolbar. At the top of your screen, click on the New Template button.

Thanks to Juridoc, you can automate everything in your documents, such as fields, data, clauses, etc.

What are the features available on your Juridoc Platform?


The entities are the different parts of the contract (eg the tenant / owner). Thanks to the Matching Fields solution from Juridoc (Corresponding Fields), you can automate very quickly any personal or professional information. (Ex: name, address, company …) which will be filled automatically from the information of your contacts.

How to do the matchmaking?

  1. Select the information to automate in your document by clicking on the word(s) you want to select. If the words you want to select are in parentheses or square brackets, click once on it and it will automatically select all the words included in the parentheses or brackets.
  2. In the top right field, add the name of the part you want to automate. Ex: “Tenant”.
  3. In the Entity column, select the field corresponding to what you selected.

Do the same for all the information you want to automate, for both individuals and companies, as many times as necessary in the same document.

Library of clauses:

The Content Library allows you to save all clauses or texts that you use frequently in your models or that you want to make non-modifiable.

How to insert a clause in your documents?

This feature is available from the Profissional Plan

  1. Click in “Content Library” tab and choose where you want to insert your clause
  2. Choose the clause you want to insert
  3. Click the add button

How to save a clause?

When you are working on the creation of a model you have the possibility to save one or more clauses from your document in the content library.

  1. Select the clause or text you want to add to your content library
  2. Go to the toolbar on the right and click on the Library icon


The “Text” field is a free field that you can add to your templates to allow the user to enter what they want when they are in the document form. 

How to add a text field to your templates?

  1. Select a part of text you want to automate
  2. Give a name of the automation
  3. Choose whether it will be mandatory or not when creating the document
  4. Select one of the support features
  5. Register

Dropdown list

The drop-down list allows you to create a list by entering the data manually or by importing a list directly from your computer into Excel format. So, in a very simple way, you can build lists with hundreds of different choices. Ex: list of your products, list of regions etc.

How to add a drop-down list?

  1. Click on the “Dropdown” tab in the toolbar on the right inside
  1. Select the word (s) where you want to create your drop-down list. 
  2. Give a name of the question at the top
  3. Choose whether or not the question is required on the form when you will use this template to create a document
  4. Manually enter the different options on your list or
  5. Go to the advanced list options if you want to save a list that you can use in another template. This will save you a lot of time.
  6. Choose the default text
  7. Supporting text is a field that will give the user some help when creating the document from this template.

Logical list

Condition fields, paragraphs and data according to the context of each document. Ex: you want to make appear a specific clause on the 5th page of you document depending  on a clause which is at eh very first page of your contract. 

You can set it up very easily with the feature.

There are two different types of logical lists:

  • Radio List: only one answer is possible
  • Checklist: multiple answers are possible


 How to insert a logical condition in your documents?

1.Click the “Logical list” icon in the toolbar on the right inside of the editor

2.Select the text you want to condition

3.Write the title of the question that will appear during the filling up process.

4.Check this box if you want the question to be mandatory

5.Choose the condition type (Radio List or Check-List).

6.Set up the different options you want to appear or not according to your text

7.Set the default value, if you want one to appear.

8.Supporting text is a field that will help users when creating the document from this template.

To delete a section, simply click on the cross.

Date and time

The “date and time” feature allows you to insert the date and time into your document in the format you want (Ex: 31/12/2019).

How to automate date and time fields in your document?

  1. Select the date in your document
  2. Choose whether you wan this question mandatory or not
  3. You can then define:
  • The type of date you want to automate (a normal date or a date related to document lifecycle management> link)
  • The format of the date
  • The format of the time ( not obligatory of course) 
  • Default value
  • Current Date and Time, this feature is the most used option as it will automatically update the date with the day of the creating of this very document.


Save time without taking the risk of making mistakes with this characteristic.

  1. Select the number you want to automate
  2. Write the question about this issue. (ex: How many partners are the firm?)
  3. Choose whether this question is mandatory or not
  4. You can then define:
    • Number format
    • In number. Ex: 2
    • In letter. Ex: two
    • In Number and Letter. Ex: 2 (two)

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