What is Juridoc?

Juridoc is a LegalTech platform that streamlines and speeds up your document process. You can create, set up approval workflows, send your document, negotiate directly with your client/supplier, eSign and store any legal document all-in-one place.

Documents in Juridoc are electronic, interactive, actionable, and feature-rich.

That’s why we call Juridoc the Future of Legal Documents.

What you can do with Juridoc

  • Build and share amazing templates in just a few seconds
  • Import your contacts from your favorite CRM
  • Setup approval workflows
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Open discussion with your client/employee
  • Close deals faster with our online negotiation
  • Organize and store documents
  • Sign your documents online
  • Control all of your personal activities and of your team
  • And so much more!

Think of it as the solution to streamline all your document workflows.

Juridoc for HR

Save time creating, completing, and filing your most important H.R documents with Juridoc. Control document access by role or department. Track all your documents per employee from a central dashboard once you have sent them.

Juridoc for Sales

Multiple your closing deal rate, fast track your whole process by using contracts templates to remove legal delays. Juridoc enables you to collaborate and negotiate on a contract directly avoiding all the different communication channel. The platform will help you to become a better negotiator with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Juridoc for Legal

Reach 100% compliance by guaranteeing all processes are respected in the contract lifecycle. Juridoc automates the processes for all legal documents in one place, increase collaboration and empower internal teams and help you organize your documents. The platform is very easy to use and will get you to adopt it in no time!

Are you and your team ready to be more productive? Browse our Getting Started guides below to begin your Juridoc journey!

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