What is the difference between Juridoc and a shared drive, like Google Drive or DropBox?

We’re glad you asked! There’s really no comparison.

There are hundreds of reasons a specialised tool will make your life easier, but here are some of the biggest:

  • Using the Juridoc Filterfunctionality, you can find the document you’re looking for within a couple of clicks…like Google!
  • Reminders: Cloud drives don’t help you manage compliance.(When to renew or cancel a contract. When to make key payments. When your NDA expires. Juridoc makes it easy to set reminders and send notifications to you and your co-workers or key partners (lawyers, accountants, etc). Don’t risk auto-renewing a contract without you knowing about before again!
  • Get Information You Need: Unlike shared drives, in Juridoc you’ll have access of each contract stored classified by statuses in the system through our Dashboard. No need to flip through pages to find the termination date, escalator terms, confidentiality provisions…that can all be noted on your Dashboard. And you can use all that information to run reports.
  • Simple and Clear Sharing: If you’ve ever tried to collaborate on the document with more than 3 people in a Google drive file for example, you probably noticed that it gets quickly confusing and messy (to say the least!). Juridoc makes it easy to ensure that EVERYBODY involved only sees the last version of the contract and that each modification made to the documents will generate a task to be approved by the others participants…or you can even create a workspace.
  • Security: Keeping your contracts segregated from the rest of your company documents increases the security. Plus we make sure that accidental deletions can’t happen. Fundamentally, Box, DropBox and Google Drive are just like shared drives on a server at your office. All the same frustrations in managing contracts that exist on servers exist in a simple cloud drive. Juridoc delivers the ease of use of a shared drive, but more features and protection. It’s a better way!


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