Which integrations are available?

This is a two-part question. The first question to ask is which integrations come “out of the box.”

Beware: not all integrations are equal, meaning that some are more thorough and allow for more functionality. People should ensure the integrations offered meet their needs.

If you’ve mapped your contract process throughout the organisation, this will help you understand the integration points between software and what you will need to look for.

The second question is whether the new solution has an open API. An open API allows software to connect with any other software by building an integration. Ultimately, you may want a solution with an open API, so your IT team can create custom integrations that work for your purposes.

How do i know if Juridoc has an open API for my CRM or eSign?

To check if Juridoc already has an API for the solution you want to use:

  1. Click on “settings” on the bottom left side on your screen
  2. Select “integration”
  3. Browse until finding the API you are looking for.


Note: If you could not find the API you wanted. Contact us or comment this article at the bottom of the page telling us which API you want.

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