Who is Juridoc designed for?

Juridoc CLM platform is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and firms, but can also serve bigger business units and departments of large corporations.

Juridoc will suit your organisation well if:

  • You want to eSign your documents smoothly and that those documents can be easyly found and stored in a high secured cloud based drive. In addition, those documents can be shared securely within the same service.
  • You want to have all your contracts and other legal documents managed safely in one easy-to-use solution instead of separately in different systems such as email inboxes, Dropbox, Google Drive, CRM modules, or in complicated document management systems.
  • You want to first test run the solution before making your decision (just take advantage of our Free 14 day trial).
  • You want to avoid having to struggle with complicated licence agreements, installations and software updates. Juridoc is a SaaS solution, meaning that everything is taken care of and you receive a turnkey solution suited to your needs.
  • You want to concentrate on your business and not so much on the administration of your systems and managing software updates.
  • You want to accelerate the whole lifecycle of your contracts and therefore stop wasting time on bureaucracy, and focus on bringing more business into your company!

We aim to provide smooth, frank and rapid service. Furthermore, as a cloud service, Juridoc is always available for you and your co-workers. If any questions arise, our customer service will answer your questions during normal business hours.

How should we structure our team to use it?

First, determine what your use case is (legal, procurement, sales, human resources, etc.).

Then, think about how your team processes contracts now and who needs access to them.

After sketching that out, determine who really needs to be an creator and therefore have full access to the platform and info in the contracts.

Doing this analysis before coming to the table will help you to understand more fully your processes and needs.

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