Build a Template

In Juridoc there are 3 ways to create a Document:

  • From scratch
  • Uploading a file from your computer
  • Choosing a template you already made and stored in the platform (template library)

Creating and sending documents is easier when you’re not starting from scratch. Build reusable templates with Juridoc will increase productivity and create consistency.

Why use templates?

We’ve designed Juridoc to streamline your legal documents and contracts. Templates are an important part of making that possible. When you use templates, you will create the content of your documents only once. Then, when it’s time to create your document, all you have to do is choose your recipients, add information concerning the billing, lifecycle and expiration & reminders and you are good to go!

Supported Files types: DOCX. 

Reusable Content is Quicker

By building a template (or a library of templates) with Juridoc, you’ll save hours every week when creating documents. You can quickly select a template you’ve already created and customize it before sending it out. It’s that simple!

Save Time by Auto-Populating Data

Juridoc helps you ensure accuracy across all of your templates by auto-populating data. When you will match the fields such as names, address, emails, etc. in your template, all of that data will auto-populate when you’re ready to send a document.

Additionally, you will save time integrating your CRM with Juridoc to auto-sync all of the data from your clients and/or employees.

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