Setup an Approval Workflow

The purpose of this self-help article is to provide information on “Approval Workflows” and steps to setup workflows for your documents that will be used when sending out future documents.

What is an Approval Workflow?:

  • An Approval Workflow can be set on the Template or when creating the final Document. Every document made from a Template with an Approval Workflow must be “approved” before it can be sent to the recipient(s). A Workflow defines the lifecycle of a document, allowing additional steps like document Approval. Under Dashboard – You will see a status called “Pending Approval” that will show all documents using this feature.
  • Under Documents – You will see a list of your documents and “Approvers/Recipients” to easily review which team members are participating on the approbation process.
  • You have the ability to setup multiple approvers
  • Actions panel and Audit Trail will show all actions related to approval

Workflows are only available for the Essential and Pro plans.

Email notifications

Emails will flow in order, as defined in the workflow. If approval workflow is enabled, an email will be sent to all the participant on the document. Each time approval / rejection happens, the author of the document receives a notification. Only when the document is approved by all approvers, you will be able to send it.

Documents / Templates – Upload and Create

Workflow is available for both Templates that have been uploaded or created in Juridoc

The Workflow that has been created as a Template level will be available for all of the documents created from this Template.

You can also create a Workflow as a Document level but this one will be available only once.

Please note: Only Admins or Managers within that workspace (or the Account Owner) can be document Approvers. Please make sure to check out team setup in Settings > Teams.

Create an Approval Workflow

  1. Edit an existing Template/Document or create a new one.
  2. In the popup, click on the switch button to enable the Workflow and to open the options.
  3. Add Approvers and set approval order : add individual approvers that are on your database without autocomplete feature. Start writing the name of the approver you want to have to see his name and select him. If you don’t have the person you want to add in the list, you can still invite him directly from the popup. To set approval order, you can drag and drop up and down the person you want first.
  4. If you edit a Template, make sure to click “Save” once you have completed the setup.

In a document created from a Template with Approval Workflow enabled, you will see directly the Workflow setup for this Document.

You will still be able to edit this Workflow or to deactivate it if you don’t need it for this very Document.

Send for Approval

When you have finished to fill the information for your Document:

  1. Choose the option Send / Sign to “Send”
  2. The person that are in your Workflow will have a check box linked next to their name. At this point, you can still add people, change the order of your Workflow and remove people from it.
  3. When it is done, click on the button “Send for approval”.
Send for Approval - Juridoc

Approvers Review

When the document is sent out for approval, the Approver will open the document and see the options to either “Reject Document” or “Approve Document.”

See how the approval review works.

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