Create a New Template

Log into Juridoc, and click on the Templates button in your toolbar. At the top of your screen click on the New Template button.

In the popup, it will be required for you to provide a title*, a type of document*and determine the language* of the template. It will help you to localize it after.

You can then select the status of your template:

  • Draft: you will not be able to use this template yet to create a document with it. It is perfect for a template which is still in the creation process.
  • Live: your template is ready to use to create any document with it. Your team will also be able to see and use it.

The type of document can be selected in the dropdown list. We provide you this list but you can edit and add other items if you need to.

The folder (5) allows you to select where you want to put this template. Several folders and subfolders can be created.

*mandatory fields

Add an approval workflow

With Juridoc, you can create easily approval workflows for your documents. Setting up your approval workflow here, gives you the opportunity to pre establish the persons in the workflow so that you won’t have to do it each time you will use the template. Perfect for recurrent contracts for exemple.

To add an approval workflow, you need to:

  1. Edit an existing Template/Document or create a new one.
  2. In the popup, click on the switch button to enable the Workflow and to open the option where you will add the participants.
  3. Add Approvers and set approval order : add individual approvers that are on your database without autocomplete feature. Start writing the name of the approver you want to have to see his name and select him. If the person you want to add is not on the list, you can still invite him directly from the popup. To set approval order, you can drag and drop the person you want first.
  4. If you edit a Template, make sure to click “Save” once you have completed the setup.

Learn to upload documents

To upload documents (1) from your computer, drop a file into the follow box or click on the green button “choose a file from computer”.

When it’s done, click on the button Start (2) to have access to your template with Juridoc´s Editor

Add your content

If you have uploaded your own document, you will still have full access to it and be able to edit, add or remove text.

If you have decided to start from scratch, add your own content or use the content library to add you pre-saved clauses.

Specify which field(s) your recipients will need to give you information

Use the toolbar editor on the right side to start and automate the different fields of your template.

Create a document

When your template is ready to go, click on the top right switch button to make it live. This will make it available for when you will want to create a new document.

You will need to click on the green “New template” button on the right side of your screen. Then follow the prompts to assign your recipients. Once ready, send it out.


We do not support picture file types to be uploaded at the moment. But we will soon!

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