Create a simple drop-down list

The simple drop-down list allows you to create a list by entering the data manually.

So, in a very simple way, you can create drop-down lists with different choices. This method is easy, fast and perfectly adequate for list creation with few options.

To add a simple drop-down list, you must:

1- Select the “Dropdown” option in the tab on the right of the editor

2- Select the part of the text where you want your list

3- Add a question as a title to your list to help the person who will use the document.

4- Check the box “required” if you want the answer to be mandatory.

5- Manually add the options you want to see in your list in the fields (by default, there are 2 fields available but you can insert as many as you want by clicking on the “+” symbol)

Create an advanced drop-down list

With the advanced drop-down option, you have access to pre-recorded lists.

3 advanced lists are saved by default on the Juridoc platform (cities, regions as well as the list of countries).

You also have the option to create and save your own list (for example: a list of products, equipment or specific references).

To do this, you must:

  1. Select the item you want to automate
  2. Give a name to your list
  3. Choose whether this field will be mandatory or not when creating a new document
  4. Click on the “Advanced options drop-down” button
  5. Select “label” and type each item in your list
  6. Click on “save as new list”
  7. Select “use this list”

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